Tracing capability can be enabled either through environment variables or the provider-specific SequeLinkTrace class. A product specialist will be glad to get in touch with you. They provide explanations for the referenced text to help you understand the content of your own Pool Manager trace files. Returns the current number of connections in all pools associated with the process. Value is the hash code of an object appropriate to the individual function calls. When you make an HTTP connection to an unknown site a site whose certificate is not signed by a certificate authority known to your browser , the browser can prompt you for confirmation.

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Returns the total number of attempts to open a connection that failed for any reason since the process started. Different pools are created when different user IDs are used to retrieve connections from the pool. Logging can be enabled, without changing the application, using the SequeLinkDataSource object.

I’m downloading my applet from a Web server, but I cannot connect to any of my available SequeLink servers.

Appendix C

Using environment variables to enable tracing means that you do not have to modify your application. Verifying the server certificate assures you that you are really connected to the correct server.

Limit security vulnerabilities with our fully managed ADO. Returns the total number of command executions that failed for any reason since the process started.


This means that only you and the server with which you are communicating can decipher the communication. In the Connection List box, a list of available connections. Select a Concatenate check box to see a cumulative record of previous actions; otherwise, only the last action is shown.

Example is useful for executing any type of SQL statement, testing database connections and SQL statements, and verifying your database environment. Refer to the SequeLink Developer’s Reference for information on additional features of DataDirect Test and a tutorial that takes you through a working example of its use.

DataDirect Spy passes calls issued by a running application to an underlying JDBC driver and logs detailed information about those calls, information you can use for troubleshooting problems. In this example, the characteristics of the connection pool are shown using the following format:. Should be set to com.

DataDirect Spy provides the following advantages:. Upon identification of any security vulnerability, Progress will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to address the vulnerability in accordance with the following policy.

1 Troubleshooting Tools for the SequeLink® Client

A list of comma-separated JDBC data sources. The server component must be SequeLink Server 4. You sequekink then execute any non-parameterized SQL statements. Because the number of connections in the connection pool is greater than the maximum pool size, 10 connections, a connection is closed and discarded from the pool.

If you change the value of an environment variable, you must restart the application for the sequelnik value to take effect. Why do I always receive the generic error message: This is a Java restriction. The main DataDirect Test window shows the following information:. For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https: PerfMon counters that let you tune connection information for your application.


Because the number of connections in the connection pool is greater than the minimum pool size, five connections, no action is taken by the Pool Manager. NET Framework Redistributable 1. When this number is reached, additional connections that would normally be placed in a connection pool are closed for example, Sequelihk step in preparing to use a driver is to test load it.

Codeless Configuration Optimize your application performance and compatibility sequellink any changes to the code.

Some users may find that using static methods on the data provider’s Trace class to be sequeoink more convenient way to enable tracing. The data provider traces the input arguments to all of its public method calls, as well as the outputs and returns from those methods anything that a user could potentially call.

The first item in the list appears as the default in the data source selection window.

You can register a JDBC driver in any of the following ways:.