The Konnekt 6 has one input: Included in the box there is a separate AC adapter if your laptop would fail to provide the necessary voltage to power the Konnekt 6. This Firewire Audio Interface is very picky! Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. My only complaint at the moment is that it does not have 3 channels which it is fully capable of doing so. Maybe it’s just me or my system highly doubtful , but a simple internet search yields plenty of others having similar issues! I am using the desktop konnekt 6 with my imac, and that brings me to the downside of the product:

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This thing is a solid, great rc and easy to use interface. You can always order new computers with FireWire added or install tc konnekt 6 FireWire card in desktops.

It’s a very unobtrusive, soft and natural sounding reverb, as TC is known for. Anyone familiar with the T.

The large volume knob is something I already love. In conclussion, this 66 a simple piece of equippment for a simple use in a simple studio, that works perfectly.

Tech Specs Monitor control. Part of monitor signal path It is available for tracking to increase the recording comfort without tying the effect to the final take, operated by the control panel and the reverb knob tc konnekt 6 the top panel of Desktop Konnekt 6.


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But Record has some great reverbs too. Tc konnekt 6 you need to switch between different inputs. Maybe it’s just me or my system highly doubtfulbut a simple internet search yields plenty of others having similar issues!

The added features make it a little less intuitive than most of the interfaces I’ve worked with. Easy to connect and use. I’ve used several different interfaces trying to find one that would do what I need, at a decent price and still sound good.

That tc konnekt 6 also causes spaces to show garbage in my screen.

TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 Firewire Audio Interface | Musician’s Friend

Guitar Amp Buying Guides. No need to turn down the volume and to figure out the correct level again.

I bought this audio interface a month ago, and so far it’s been tc konnekt 6 really well. Now, to be fair, what you don’t get is a lot of inputs or midi. I’m just getting started in home recording, but this interface has been a champ for me. Tc konnekt 6 guitar inputs work great on my acoustic and electric guitar. It dims your outputs.


Review: T.C. Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6

Only downside is tv there’s no output fader. Built solid, it looks like it could take a beating. All the units I’ve used in this range that did have those things had driver issues, though including the other Tc konnekt 6 products. Will work with USB 3 tc konnekt 6. The box itself looks nice, but feels a little light I now face the prospect of having to buy a second audio interface in the future so konnejt I can use it on my laptop and with an midi keyboard.

Review: T.C. Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 – TechCrunch

They take up your space, they break, their design is flawed. Clear Sound Durable Great Sound. About Me Professional Musician. Works with Linux, libffado. Electronics’ Konnekt line of interfaces knows they offer high-quality recording features. Really a great unit. Tc konnekt 6 can choose if you want to monitor the input, the pre and the post signals.

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